Our Story

Hi! I’m Janna. Thank you for checking out our store! People have asked how I came to be an online business owner so I thought I would share that journey with you.

I’m a wife, mother, special education director, assistant principal, and school counselor. I grew up in a large family. My twin sister and I were the youngest of seven. We were both involved in sports growing up and I remained active in intramural sports after high school. In college I met my husband, Jeff, who played collegiate baseball and other sports. We share a love of sports and regularly hike, bike, and enjoy the outdoors.

Over the years we have gone through good times and hard times. Infertility, the birth of premature triplets, raising triplets, unemployment, post-graduate schooling while raising a family, and career stress gave us some challenges. Watching our children grow into great, kind, interesting individuals has been a joy.

After experiencing an extremely stressful situation that nearly destroyed me, I suffered from unwanted weight gain and deteriorating physical and mental health. I was blessed to meet a friend through this shared experience who mentored me through some rough patches by teaching me a healthier lifestyle.

Turning to wellness activities and healthy eating, my physical and mental health were restored; it was and is my therapy. My teenage kids were also exploring and embracing new activities at that time including CrossFit and weight training. They were gaining strength and confidence from their workouts. They were finding their place in the world and really finding their “tribe.” We were on this rewarding journey as a family, and, with the kids out of high school, we moved to southern Utah for a new chapter in our story.

After our move, I analyzed my life goals. I had always wanted to be a school counselor but had become a special education teacher instead. The school counseling goal came back into focus. Another goal I had was owning a fitness-related business. After completing a master’s degree, I am now a school counselor, and after much research, I have also become the owner of Modern Athletica.

I am convinced that striving for an active lifestyle and taking care of our bodies will help us to enjoy the best life possible. I am proud of the products we offer and hope you will give them a try.